Desiigner – “New English” review

Fresh off the hit single Panda, 2016 XXL Freshman Desiigner hits us with his first full project & it honestly could very well be the worst release I’ve listened to this year. Not just because of the beats & lyrics, but the vocals are just hilariously excruciating. However they do surprise me on Make It Out a little bit because he kinda reminds me of Tyler, The Creator (who I personally am a big fan of). On the track Overnight (which is probably the best track off the whole tape), he talks about how he wants God to help him & how hard he works. I can totally appreciate that. On the track Jet, he & Pusha T get braggadocious & Pusha’s verse on here is ok but Desiigner ruins the track really quickly. I still think Panda’s ok & I’m actually glad he put into this mixtape but other than that, I don’t really think there’s anything else interesting to point out about this thing. All I’m getting here is just a rushed, generic version of DS2 (which I felt was the most overrated album of last year)

Score: 1/5

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