Prophets of Rage – “The Party’s Over” review

The Prophets of Rage are a political rap metal supergroup composed of Rage Against the Machine/Audioslave instrumentalists Brad Wilk, Tom Morello & Tim Commerford as well as Chuck D & DJ Lord of Public Enemy & Cypress Hill frontman B-Real. The band’s inception was announced at the very beginning of June & they’re named after the 15th track off of Public Enemy’s political hip hop masterpiece of a 2nd album It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back. Since then, people have been anticipating them making music together & now here they are with a 5 track EP. The opening track on here Prophets of Rage is a rap metal remix of the Public Enemy track that I previously mentioned, but it has the 1st 2 verses from the original song as well a brand new verse from B-Real. It’s not incredible, but it’s still pretty dope. The title track on here The Party’s Over is the only brand new track on here & it’s absolutely fantastic! To me, this track is just a small taste of what this group can do together if they ever release a full-length album in the future. The other 3 tracks are live renditions of Killing in the Name by Rage Against the Machine as well as Shut ‘Em Down & Fight the Power by Public Enemy, although the live version of Fight the Power on here has a couple altered lines as well as the hook from No Sleep ‘Til Brooklyn by the Beastie Boys. The chemistry on here is great, because Chuck’s political lyrics & militant delivery fit really well over the aggressive rap metal instrumentation while B-Real adds a lot more energy into these tracks. However, my biggest issue with this EP is the lack of original tracks. Not that I have an issue with remixed tracks or live tracks/albums in general, but only 1 original track just isn’t enough for me. This EP’s still definitely worth checking out, but I personally think it could’ve been better

Score: 3/5

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