Raekwon – “The Wild” review

Just 2 years after dropping his worst album to date with F.I.L.A. (Fly International Luxurious Art), Wu-Tang Clan member Raekwon is returning to deliver his 7th album. The album’s 1st song “This Is What It Comes To” sees Rae menacingly taunting a wanksta & the gritty beat from Xtreme fits the vibe like a glove. The song “Nothing” sees Rae tracking down someone & eventually snatching up his chain & watch over an eerie soul sample. The song “Marvin” is basically a biography of Marvin Gaye & not only do I love the vintage soul instrumental on here, but I also love how passionate Rae sounds as he’s telling the story of Marvin’s life. The Cee-Lo Green hook is just ok, though. The song “Can’t You See” has a beautiful soul sample throughout & it’s basically a lyrical comparison of his days as a young criminal to him now being a father as well as learning from all the snakes that he’s ever encountered. The track “My Corner” talks about his street corner, but the Lil Wayne verse in the middle of the song is just alright & I can totally imagine hearing the beat in the clubs. The song “M&N” sees Rae with a new MC named P.U.R.E. trading rhymes back & forth with each other over a vocal sample while P.U.R.E. rhymes, but transitions into a haunting organ while Rae rhymes. As much as I love it when 2 MCs do this on a track, P.U.R.E.’s lyricism isn’t all that intriguing to me. The song “Visiting Hour” talks about making his haters love him along with how some of Rae’s friends still commit crimes to get by & although he sounds dead serious in his delivery, the hook from Andra Day is pretty boring. The next 2 tracks “The Reign” & “Crown of Thorn” see Rae getting braggadocious, but I’d say “The Reign” is the most lively out of the 2. Especially with it’s vocal sample, the hard hitting drums & the overall happiness in Rae’s voice. The song “Purple Brick Road” encourages the listener to live for the moment over some dramatic strings. However, the only thing about this track that I could care less for is the final verse from the ever so corny G-Eazy. The album closes out with “You Hear Me?”, which sees Rae talking about some luxurious shit over a beat that surprisingly kinda sounds trap-esque. It’s not bad though, I really like the sinister keys that you’ll find from the beginning to the end of the track. Even though the features left little to be desired, Raekwon definitely delivered an album that is superior to F.I.L.A. (Fly International Luxurious Art). The production nowhere near the caliber of RZA’s back in the 90’s, but all the soul samples that were used on the album are on point & Raekwon sounds a lot more natural on here than he did last time

Score: 3.5/5

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