The R.O.C. – “Digital Voodoo” review

House of Krazees member The R.O.C. is finally returning with his 4th full-length album after 11 long years & rather than releasing it on the Insane Clown Posse’s sister label Hatchet House or even their main label Psychopathic Records, he’s releasing it under Majik Ninja Entertainment (founded by Twiztid, who’re the other 2 members of the House of Krazees). The album starts off with the title track, where The R.O.C.’s talking about his return & the effects that’re done on his voice throughout the song are fitting. The next track with “Let Me Out” talks about how you’re worst nightmares will come true if their minds are let out over a dark, electro-tinged beat & the G-Mo Skee verse about how he became fucked up because of his cousin dropping him on a glass table isn’t bad either. The song “Tear It Up” with Boondox as well as The R.O.C.’s Zodiac MPrint cohort Blaze Ya Dead Homie has a murderous tone throughout, but the production is kinda nondescript. The track “The Chalmer” originally appeared on The R.O.C.’s Fucking Preylewd EP that came out at the 2016 Gathering of the Juggalos & it’s just as in your face as it was then. The song “Dr. No” is basically The R.O.C. saying no to a number of thing such as letting you rock the stage with him & taking bullshit. There are some heavy guitars at some points on here & I certainly didn’t mind them at all. The song “Hecklers” with D12 member Kuniva as well as Goon Sqwad leader Trick-Trick is a lyrical jab at all the haters out there & if that’s not enough to get you in a pissed off mood (in a good way), the beat enhances the feeling of you wanting to start a brawl. The track “Clouds Black Out the Sun” has a gloomy, ominous vibe to it but I’m indifferent towards the hook. The song “Still Running” has a decent beat from Strange Music in-house producer 7, but The R.O.C.’s delivery is on point & I can hear the sincere passion in his voice. The song “Disgusted” with Twiztid has a surrealist tone lyrically & the somber production fits in with it pretty well too. The track “Sleeper Cell” has some solid strings that’ll pop up every now & then & out of all the 3 guest verses on here, I really liked the militant tone of Whitney Peyton’s & I found R.A. the Rugged Man’s to be pretty humorous. The song “What’s Hell?” with the 2 remaining Natas members Esham & Mastamind individually answering the titular question & the production is just thunderously sinister. The track “When They Hear It” talks about “zombies” being snapped out of their trance & the guest verses from Kung Fu Vampire as well as Prozak are just as hard as The R.O.C.’s opening verse. The penultimate song “Zombies in the Apocalypse” is once again on some murderous shit & while but the verse from (həd) p.e. frontman Jahred Gomes isn’t bad, at times it kinda seems like he’s just yelling at the listener. The final track “Revels in the Dark” talks about still traveling from the hate over some ominous piano keys & the verse from Lex the Hex Master is rawly confrontative! While there are too many features, the guests add to the equation for the most part & I’m just really glad to see the most underrated ninja from the Majik Ninja camp finally getting his chance to shine after so many years

Score: 4/5

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