G-Mo Skee – “8 Bit Filth” review


While currently touring with the CES Cru & preparing his upcoming sophomore album Chaly & the Filth Factory, Inf Gang member G-Mo Skee is warming us up his 2nd EP. The opener “Final Boss 2” is a sequel to the song on his 2012 sophomore mixtape Got Filth 2: The Great Adventures of G-Mo & I think this is a lot more grimier than the original from the production to the lyricism. The next song “Skate” is filled with confrontational battle bars over an Atari-esque boom bap beat while the track “Glitch” sees G getting with the Inf Gang to talk about about making it over a spacious beat.

The song “Trouble” is an angry reminder that you don’t wanna fuck with G-Mo over a sinister beat from Godsynth while the title track is basically about his haters & his longevity over a boom bap beat. The song “Fade Up” with Crowda, Jamie Madrox & King Gordy is about weed over a murky beat while the penultimate track “Can’t Lose” is a triumphant ode to G’s success. The EP then finishes with “Final Stage”, where G spits battle bars over a sinister beat.

As a whole, this is a fantastic prelude to his next album. His filthy confrontational bars are raw as ever & the video game samples (which is why you can only get the EP exclusively at Twiztid Shop) are flawless.

Score: 4.5/5

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