Wrrdsmith – “Back in the Lab” review

Wrrdsmith is a California based up-&-coming MC & this is his first EP. It starts off with “I’m the Man”, where he & Asce Blayze brag about how dope they are over an atmospheric instrumental. The next song “The Interview” talks about him as an artist over a 9th Wonder-esque instrumental while “Progress” talks about him giving his best over a druggy beat. The song “The Phone Call” is a love tune with a twangy guitar while the title track gets braggadocious over a boom bap beat.

The song “Can’t Trust ‘Em” takes a jab at all the lames over a murky trap beat from Southside of all-people & the penultimate track “Who I Am” talks about his never ending grind over a somewhat cloudy trap beat. The EP finishes with “Grind”, where he gets ambitious over some strings & hi-hats.

Overall, this was pretty dope. Despite a few songs sounding unfinished, I love the genuine passion that Wrrdsmith shows & it’s pretty well produced

Score: 3.5/5

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