Ugly God – “just a lil something before the album…” review


With his debut album coming soon, Indiana comedy rapper Ugly God is delivering a prelude EP out of the blue. Keep in mind that this is 4 tracks & almost 9 minutes long so therefore, this’ll be a very quick review.

The EP starts with Leave a Tip, where he charismatically talks about flexing on his ex-girlfriends over a cloudy trap beat with some eerie synthesizers. However, I didn’t care all that much for the Splash Drexler verse. The next song “BITCH WHERE MY HUG AT” hilariously reflects on an old girlfriend over a piano-trap beat & the penultimate track “Tropics” gets braggadocious over a spacey beat. The closer “WEWANTALLTHESMOKE” is about him pulling up on you over a cloudy beat, but it’s too short just like with the the other 2 tracks I mentioned.

While I did enjoy The Booty Tape, this was just ok. Ugly God has a great sense of humor (unlike Lil Dicky) & the cloudy trap production is as much fun as it was on his mixtape, but the last 3 songs didn’t sound fully fleshed out to me. Regardless, I’m still excited to hear his full-length debut

Score: 3/5

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