Art Morera – “Transit City” review


Art Morera is an MC/producer from Miami, Florida & this is his 3rd EP. Things start off with “Strangers”, where he vents to an ex & his production on here has a beautiful piano from start to finish. The next song “In the Moment” sees Art talking to his girl over an instrumental that suits the mood perfectly while the track “I Live in a Transit City” talks about his hometown over a jazzy beat. The song “All We Are” is a great display of Art’s storytelling skills over a laid-back instrumental while the track “WYA” with Ramon Reeves sees the 2 giving us a humble brag over a decent trap beat. The penultimate track “Dilly Dviiy” gets motivational over an instrumental kin to KiD CuDi’s early work & then it finishes perfectly with “I’ll Be Back”, where he talks about backtracking & his future over a soulful beat. Overall, this is Art’s best work yet. The production is beautiful, he sounds passionate, it’s well written & it’s a great display of where he’s at today.

Score: 4/5

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