Chief Keef – “Mansion Musick” review


Just a month after his Ottopsy EP, Chicago drill pioneer Chief Keef is returning with his 20th mixtape.

The opener “Belieber” talks about groupies over a beautiful yet unexpected set of piano chords while the next track “Rawlings” gets celebratory over some sub-bass & the hi-hats are going off like machine guns. The song “TV On (Big Boss)” gets charismatically braggadocious over a gritty instrumental while track “Uh Uh” is filled with gritty street bars over a druggy instrumental from Pi’erre Bourne. The song “Sky Say” talks about taking a vacation over a cloudy trap beat, but the Tadoe verse at the start doesn’t do anything for me.

The track “Hand Made” sees Keef bragging once again over a futuristic bass-heavy instrumental from Nard & B while the song “Get This Money” pretty much speaks for itself over a trap beat from some piano keys & plinky Atari-esque synthesizers. The track “Yet” gets sexual over an instrumental with strings & rubbery bass while the song “Part Ways” talks about flexin’ up over a gloomy beat. The penultimate track “Tragedies” talks about wealth over a chaotic instrumental from Keef himself & the closer “Letter” gets more introspective over some sole piano keys.

Overall, this was a solid tape. Some of the beats could’ve been better, but a lot of them are pretty hard & Chief Keef continues to sound more coherent with each recent project.

Score: 3.5/5

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