Bhad Bhabie – “15” review


Danielle Bregoli is a 15 year old internet personality that quickly rose into stardom after an appearance she made on Dr. Phil in September of 2016. She then dropped a random “hip hop” song last year called “These Heaux” under the moniker Bhad Bhabie, which eventually landed her a contract with Atlantic Records. Fast forward to present day, she has decided to release her 1st mixtape.

The tape begins with the title track, where Danielle obnoxiously brags using the titular number over a generically eerie trap beat. The next track “Juice” has a sole YG verse with Danielle only handling the hook before & after. The ominous keyboard-inflicted trap beat as well as YG’s performance about clout are just ok, but that’s really it. The song “Gucci Flip Flops” talks about wealth, the somber trap production from 30 Roc & even the Lil Yachty verse pretty much carry it. The track “Affiliated” gets confrontational over a bouncy beat, but Asian Doll sounds a thousand times more animated than Danielle does. The song “Geek’d” gets braggadocious, but the somber trap beat & the charismatic Lil Baby verse make for it.

The track “No More Love” talks about being backstabbed & I actually find it funny that Danielle starts things off by saying she writes her life in these songs, despite the fact that Brittany B. ghostwrote the singles & I presume the rest of the mixtape too. Ghostwriting in hip hop is nothing new AT ALL, but don’t claim to be the sole writer of your material when you’re actually not. The song “Thot Opps (Clout Drop)” talks about staying in your lane over a spacey beat while the track “Yung & Bhad” is a shit-talking anthem, but Danielle sounds more goofy than in your face on both joints. The City Girls feature on the latter is alright, though. The song “Count It” with Jack $hirak is a run of the mill money making anthem while the song “Famous” reflects on the past 2 years. The beat is pretty decent & I have nothing wrong with it’s subject matter, but Danielle’s storytelling on here doesn’t interest me at all.

The song “Hi Bich” has a killer instrumental from Ronny J, it unfortunately goes to waste because it sounds half-written & the hook is tedious. The track “Shhh” is another boring braggadocious tune with a bass-heavy trap beat & the song “Trust Me” is a VERY uncomfortable love tune that I wanna know who was responsible for approving this, because the Ty$ verse could very well be the most embarrassing moment of his entire career. The penultimate track “Bout That” is basically Danielle assuring us that she lives the life that she’s rapping & honest to God: the instrumental sounds very similar to “Shhh”. The tape then finishes with the “Bhad Bhabie Story”, which is a 6 & a half minute diatribe about how people are jealous of her newfound fame over a piano.

There’s not much for me to say about it beyond that, this is truly one of the worst things I’ve heard all year. Almost all of the features sound more serious & captivating than Danielle does, as her personality is absolutely annoying. There are a couple decent instrumentals too but for the most part, it’s dime a dozen.

Score: 0.5/5

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