Vic Mensa – “Hooligans” review

Vic Mensa is a 25 year old rapper, singer & songwriter from Chicago, Illinois who rose to fame in 2013 with the release of his INNANETAPE mixtape. He then dropped his debut album The Autobiography last summer & now in the midst of his recent BET Cypher controversy, he’s delivering his 4th EP.

Things kick off with “Dancing in the Streetz”, where Vic compares himself to a messiah over a nondescript trap beat that was surprisingly self-produced. The next song “Dark Things” sounds like a dime a dozen take on the current emo rap trend while the track “In Some Trouble” is a corny love tune. The song “Rowdy” with G Herbo is a mediocre club banger while the track “Reverse” with G-Eazy is a bland bragging anthem with an EDM beat from Marshmello.

The song “Klonopin” is a horrid auto-croon ballad produced by Travis Barker of all people while “The 1 That Got Away / No Shoes” starts off promising talking about success over a soul sample, it’s really the 2nd half of it that ruins it. The EP then ends with “Deserve It”, where Vic continues to boast over a boring trap beat.

I’ve been holding out hope that Vic would continue to show his potential on this, but this made me realize it was a total pipe dream. Instead, he’s trying to sound trendy & cool when it’s not working at all.

Score: 1/5

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