Insane Clown Posse – “Fearless Fred Fury” review

The Insane Clown Posse are a Detroit hip hop duo consisting of Violent J & Shaggy 2 Dope. They’ve been at it since the very late 80’s & through their own label Psychopathic Records, the 2 have managed to become independent titans. The last we heard from J & Shaggy in a full-length capacity was in 2015 with The Marvelous Missing Link double disc set but almost 4 years later, they’re returning with their 15th full-length album.

As with every album in the duo’s Dark Carnival mythology, the intro & the first song “Red Fred” serve as an introduction to the album’s titular character. The track “Fury!” is all about fighting back & not only do the verses make you feel like the adrenaline is starting to flow inside, but so does the Str8jaket production. The song “West Vernor Ave.” is a Shaggy solo cut that pays tribute to the titular street in downtown Detroit while the track “W.T.F.! (What The Fuck!)” talks about the problems of the world today over a chaotic beat. The song “Satellite” sees the 2 is an empowerment anthem with a spacious beat while the track “Seriously Hilarious” gets murderous over a haunting beat. The song “Game Over” sees J making fun of gamers over a trap beat with an AMAZING Super Mario sample throughout while “Night of Redrum” pretty much speaks for itself over a nocturnal beat.

The song “Low” is mostly a take on the classic Zombies joint “Time of the Season” while the song “TripleX” is a clever tale taking place in a therapy session over a demented beat. The song “Nobody’s Fault” is a painfully corny emo rap cut while the song “Hot Head” is a boring, sluggish angst anthem. The song “Shimmer” is a guitar ballad to God with a horrid execution while the track “Freedom” sees J & Shaggy talking about just that over an uplifting beat. After the “Beware!” interlude, the closer “I Like It Rough” is a disgusting sex tune (not in a good way either) with a bland trap beat.

I was legitimately excited going into this after I got to see them film the “Fury!” video at my uncle’s store back in October but now that it’s here, this thing did NOT live up to the hype that was set out for it. Don’t me wrong: I can appreciate it for going back to a darker sound & featuring more storytelling raps, but it’s overloaded. And while 17 does happen to be the duo’s lucky number, that’s not an excuse to rush your album & pack it with 1 boring cut after another. I got nothing but love for both of these guys, but I know for a fact that they can do better than this in 2019.

Score: 1.5/5

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