Xtra Overdoze – “Viral Injection” review

1280x1280.jpgXtra Overdoze is an MC from The Bronx, New York who I first caught wind of with his debut mixtape WTFIXO? back in 2017 & to prepare for his first full-length album, he’s back with his debut EP.

The “Introjection” starts off as a decent skit, but then it erupts into a chaotic beat & a rapid-fire flow. The next song “What the Deal?” talks about being too live over an old fashioned boom bap beat while the track “My Mentality” talks about wanting to be forgiven over an ominous beat. The song “Don’t Stop” gets wicked over a rap rock beat while the track “She a Freak” with F. Dux speaks for itself over a synth-inflicted trap beat.

The song “Sour Apple” with Lex the Hex Master sees the 2 talking about their come up over some prominent keyboards & punchy drums while the penultimate track “Red Dixie Cup” is of course an alcohol anthem with a bouncy beat. The EP then finishes with “Dead Language”, where Xtra starts to vent over a haunting instrumental.

All & all, this has me excited to hear more of what this dude has coming in the future. The production is dark & Xtra Overdoze’s lyricism is cutthroat. Definitely an exciting new face in the horrorcore scene.

Score: 3.5/5

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