Camouflage Regime – Self-titled review

The Camouflage Regime is a newly formed hardcore hip hop duo consisting of 2 East Coast underground heavyweights: former Juice Crew member Tragedy Khadafi & Army of the Pharaohs leader Vinnie Paz. The 2 have collaborated with each other a couple of times in the past (most notably the iconic Jedi Mind Tricks joint “Genghis Khan”) but now, they’re teaming up for their highly anticipated debut.

The album kicks off with “Bloody Jungle”, where Paz & Tragedy get murderous over an eerie Stu Bangas beat. The next song “Canaan’s Bracelet” with [Agallah] sees the 3 spitting that gun talk over a piano-inflicted boom bap beat while the song “A Warrior’s Fate” is laced with vicious battle bars over a sinister beat. The track “Cinematic Echo” boasts about their skills over a soulful beat while the song “Jummah Rituals” gets back on the violence tip over an apocalyptic beat.

The track “Fibre Optic Weapons” with Ill Bill sees the 3 vividly describing life in the streets over an ominous beat while the song “Nocturnal Militia” talks about how they ain’t ready to die over another keyboard-inflicted boom bap beat. “The Most Gracious” pretty much speaks for itself over a piano & some strings while the song “Thought Machine” gets conscious over an abrasive beat. And before the album ends with a decent remix to “Canaan’s Bracelet”, the final song “Persian Legacy” talks about being military minded over a boom bap beat with some keys & a killer guitar.

It’s been a few years coming & at the end, I enjoyed it. Paz & Tragedy could’ve padded it out with a few more tracks, but their chemistry really shines & the raw production suits them fantastically.

Score: 4/5

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