Curren$y – “Hot August Nights” review

Curren$y is a renown 38 year old rapper from New Orleans, Lousiana that first got his start with No Limit Records in 2002. He would then hop over to Young Money Entertainment & Cash Money Records in 2006, but eventually branched out in 2008 with his own label Jet Life Recordings. Since then, the man made a name for himself by dropping a handful of projects every single year. The most recent being a collab album with California rapper Berner last July, but a little over month has passed and he‘s teaming up with Nard & B to entirely produce his 16th EP.

Things start off with “Must Admit”, where Spitta talks about being that dude over a cavernous beat. The next song “Eyes Closed” brags over a chilled out beat while the track “Caught Her Lookin’” gets charismatic over a somewhat tropical beat. The song “Know It” talks about being paid over a mellow beat while the track “Another Score” flaunts over an atmospheric beat. The song “Never Had” talks about people who act like he’s always been broke over a cloudy beat & then the EP finishes with “Right Now”, where Spitta tells the differences between himself & his competition about over a spacious beat.

It’s not as good as Gran Turismo, but this is still solid. Nard & B go to show that they’re one of the most underrated producers in the mainstream right now as Spitta sounds charming as ever.

Score: 3.5/5

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