City Morgue – “As Good as Dead” review

City Morgue is a trio from New York City consisting of ZillaKami & SosMula on the mic as well as Thraxx on production. I first caught wind of them last summer due to ZillaKami’s verse on Denzel Curry’s TA13OO, but the group’s full-length debut that followed shortly after Hell or High Water completely stopped me in my tracks. Mostly because prior to that album, I never heard anyone fuse trap with metal music in the way that they did. They’ve gone rogue since then, but they’re finally re-emerging with their sophomore effort over here.

It all starts with “Neck Brace”, where Zilla & Sos interpolate the classic Death Grips track “Guillotine” over an abrasive trap beat instrumental from Thraxx. The next song “Inferior” talks about how they’re better than their competition over an trap metal beat from Mike Dean while the song “DRAINO” with Denzel Curry sees the 3 talking about self-medication over a slower instrumental. “The Give Up” talks about suicide over a somber acoustic instrumental while the song “Thresh” goes out to everyone who be stuntin’ & the beat on this one sounds like something out of a horror flick

The track “Splinter” talks about killing snitches over an frightening instrumental while the song “Minimiyza” finds ZillaKami & IDK talking about their enemies over a slow guitar riff & some snares. “The Balloons” sees the duo reuniting to vent about their personal struggles over a druggy beat while the song “Soul Burn” is a SosMula solo cut about always being strapped over a distorted instrumental.

The track “16 Toes” is a ZillaKami solo cut about standing strong over a legitimate hard rock instrumental while the song “WOAH” finds Sos talking about his criminal past over a trap beat with some plinky keyboards. The track “DIRTNAP” of course talks about murdering people over another killer trap metal fusion while the song “C4” talks about rioting of the precious cut over a chaotic instrumental.

The track “Babywipes” touches down on violence over a dark, cavernous beat while the song “Mouthgard” talks about build & destroy over an eerie trap instrumental. The penultimate track “Screaming at the Rain” talks about depression over another trap beat with some downtuned guitars & then the album ends with “Peeling Scabs”, where ZillaKami talks about his family as SosMula talks about the system over a gloomy acoustic guitar lead.

To me, this is just as dope as the trio’s debut. It’s like 8 minutes longer & a lot of the beats are ok, but I like how they brought in a couple outside features to break up the monotony & Mike Dean’s mixing is absolutely phenomenal.

Score: 3.5/5

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