Don Toliver – “Heaven or Hell” review

Don Toliver is a 25 year old rapper from Houston, Texas that gained national exposure for signing to Cactus Jack Records as well as his debut mixtape Donny Womack & his verse on “CAN’T STAND” off his mentor Travis Scott’s 3rd album ASTROWORLD, all of my which offering in August 2018. As much as I loved that track, I personally found Don’s nasally voice on there to be tedious on first listen. But after more listens, it eventually grew on me. The hype for Don was expanded just this past winter with the song “Had Enough”, which was one of the few highlights that the Cactus Jack showcase EP JACKBOYS had to offer. However with his full-length debut over here, my morbid curiosity got the best of me & I decided to give it a shot.

The album kicks off with the title track, where Don sums up his life up until this point over a cloudy instrumental from WondaGurl & Mike Dean. The next song “Euphoria” with Kaash Paige & Travis Scott finds the 3 getting romantic over a settle instrumental while the track “Cardigan” talks about his significant other over a trippy yet bouncy instrumental from Frank Dukes & Sonny Digital. The song “After Party” talks about wildin’ out over a woozy beat while the track “Wasted” is a hard hitting anthem about not throwing your time away.

The song “Can’t Feel My Legs” talks about this woman making him nervous over a dreary beat & despite the track “Candy” having peaceful instrumental, it’s so annoying lyrically. The song “Company” vents about missing this woman over a cavernous instrumental & “HAD ENOUGH” still sounds as great as it did on JACKBOYS. The song “Spaceship” with Sheck Wes is a psychedelic late night cruiser while the penultimate track “No Photos” talks about how he doesn’t allow pictures at the trap over a mesmerizing beat. The album then finishes with “No Idea”, where Don expresses his feelings towards this woman over a smooth instrumental.

I’m pretty impressed with what I heard on here for the most part & to me, it’s even better than Mudboy. It has it’s redundant moments, but Don shows us that he’s a refreshing new voice/face to take on this psychedelic trap sound & we get a closer look into his personality as well.

Score: 3.5/5

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