Daniel Son – “Dirty Dishes” review

Daniel Son is an emcee from Toronto, Canada who’s been going at it since 2016 with his debut mixtape The Gunners. His sophomore album Yenaldooshi that came out last summer would go onto become his magnum opus & it was followed up 4 months later with Moonshine Mix 2. But to kick off his 2020, he’s teaming up with Finn for Dirty Dishes.

The album kicks off with “Fly Decorum”, where Daniel talks about being a legend over an instrumental kin to a blaxploitation film. The next song “Hit the Switch” with Asun Eastwood sees the 2 talking about those “trying to replace what we stole” over a spooky instrumental while the track “Foreign Chauffeur” with Rome Streetz sees the 2 reminiscing on growing up in the hood over a mournful boom bap beat.

The song “All Nighter” with Rob Gates sees the 2 getting mafioso over a mellow instrumental while the track “Cherry Beach” talks about his team being hungry over a somber piano instrumental. The song “Money Train” is really touching despite it’s 63 second runtime while the track “Lemon Hill” is another short yet gritty cut about how ill he is.

The song “Chasing Ghosts” with Jay Royale sees the 2 making a gruesome tribute to the heathens while the track “Burnt Thumbs” gets back on the drug dealing tip over a boom bap beat with a whimsical sounding flute. The song “Dirty Dozen” with Raz Fresco, Rigz & Saipher Soze is an eerie barfest while the penultimate track “Shorty from the West” with Black Nazi sees the 2 talking about losing this woman to the streets over a settle instrumental with a guitar echoing in the back. The album then finishes with “Boat Trips”, where Daniel gets introspective over an unbeat instrumental.

Daniel has been one of the most consistent dudes in the underground within the past few years & this is easily one of the best projects he’s ever put out. His lyricism has been getting more razor sharp with each release & Finn continue to reveal himself as one of the best producers Canada has to offer.

Score: 4.5/5

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