Ouija Macc – “Resistance II: Hell’s Holotape” review

This is the 3rd mixtape from Las Vegas rapper Ouija Macc. After the Insane Clown Posse took Ouija under their wing & signed him to their label Psychopathic Records in 2017, Ouija’s full-length debut Gutterwater that came out the following year saw him putting his own spin on the SoundCloud aesthetics & has consistently been grinding since with videos as well as mixtapes like Waterdamage & Resistance: The Walk to Wasteland. But with his sophomore album Wasteland on the way, Ouija is preluding it with a sequel to Resistance & is enlisting longtime collaborator Devereaux to produce it in it’s entirety once again.

The tape kicks off with “Wake Up!”, where Ouija Macc talks his shit over some creepy yet vibrant production. The next song “Fall Thru da Floor” is a bombastic crowd mover while the track “Skin” pretty much gets suicidal over a cavernous trap beat. The song “Platinum Skeletons” talks about having a lot over a ghostly beat while the track “All Blue” of course shows off his racks over an unsettling instrumental.

The song “Poison” gets back on the suicide tip over a misanthropic instrumental while the track “Open Wide” finds Ouija bragging so charmingly on top of a perilous beat. The song “Do the Math” once again talks about his wealth over a nocturnal beat while the track “Princess Ouija” talks about being a demon as well as “the biggest piece of shit of them all” over a gruesome instrumental.

The song “Therapist” is a psychotic trap metal fusion that actually works a lot better than “Dead Diary” off the first Resistance did while “Da Plague” gets apocalyptic over a lethargic beat. The song “Stain” is an absolutely flawless moshpit starter while the track “Sorted” talks about how he had suffered in the past & that he had to figure it out paranormal-sounding instrumental.

The song “Put It Down” talks about how he can’t stop now over an instrumental with a hypnotically dismal atmosphere to it while the track “Discuss Me (Disgust Me)” is him saying he wouldn’t be here today if he cared what others say about him over a trap beat with a prominently somber piano loop. The penultimate track “Die Alone” talks about how he doesn’t want leave Earth with no one by his side over a demented yet roomy beat & then the tape ends with “Where I Belong”, where Ouija talks about being happy with the place he’s at currently over a mystical trap beat.

To me, Resistance II is just as great as it’s predecessor. Ouija Macc’s songwriting has gotten more catchier with each new project he puts out & the sound palates that Devereaux brings to the table continue to fit his lyrics like a glove. Really looking forward to see what both of these guys do next on Wasteland.

Score: 4/5

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