Flee Lord – “Hand Me My Flowers” review

This is the 8th EP from Queens emcee Flee Lord. The man has proven himself as one of the most most hard-working dudes out today by constantly dropping projects like Loyalty or Death: Lord Talk, it’s superior sequel Loyalty or Death: Lord Talk 2, Gets Greater Later, Later is Now and Loyalty & Trust. He just dropped an EP with DJ Shay a month ago entitled Lucky 13 & now he’s tapping Buckwild in for Hand Me My Flowers.

After a jazzy intro, we get right into the first song “Plug Talk”. Where Flee obviously discusses dope slangin’ over a bleak instrumental. The song “Beethoven Wit a Stick” with TF sees the 2 talking about going bar for bar over an uncanny instrumental while the track “10 From This Clip” talks about reaching top dog status over an orchestral beat. The song “Can’t Fuck Wit Flee” might have the weakest beat on the entire EP despite Lord showing off his rapping prowess very well while the track “On My Deen” talks about going from selling drugs to touring over a boom bap beat with a faint string loop.

The song “Toast to My Neighbor” is full of vicious shit-talking over a boom bap beat with some horns & even though the track “Gathering My Thoughts” is only a minute long, I really enjoy how gritty it is over. The penultimate song “From the Change Jar” talks about being the people’s champ over a set of strings & then the EP finishes with “Shooter Tappin’ on Ya Window”, where Flee talks about being happy with his life now over a luxurious instrumental.

Of all the projects the dude has put out in 2020, this is easily my favorite so far. I wish he would drop something more full-length, but he maintains himself as one of New York’s dopest MCs whereas Buckwild reminds us that he’s one of the greatest producers of all-time.

Score: 4/5

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