Mickey Avalon – “Speak of the Devil” review

Mickey Avalon is a 44 year old rapper from Hollywood, California blowing up on Halloween 2006 with the release of his self-titled debut & then the loose single “What Do You Say?” appearing in The Hangover just 3 years later. This resulted in a deal with Suburban Noize Records, who helped Mickey release his 2012 magnum opus Loaded. Since then, he’s kept himself busy by self-releasing the equally fantastic Teardrops on My Tombstone & a handful of EPs. But with Subnoize’s reforming last year, Mickey has seen fit to link back up with Kevin Zinger & the spade for his 4th full-length album entirely produced by Smoov-E.

The opener “Handyman” is essentially Mickey proclaiming himself as that dude to solve all your problems over a trunk-knocking beat whereas the next song “Ulra-Violence” touches down on how nothing’s free over an instrumental with a jangly guitar hanging during the verses. The track “Shooting Up” obviously about doing drugs over an decent EDM beat while the song “Woke AF” takes a jab at the politically correct over a bombastic instrumental. The track “Johnny Come Lately” sees Mickey comparing himself to that of a pimp over a tuba-inflicted trap beat while the song “Dolly Parton” is a strip-club banger backed by some sirens that really kick up the vibe of it.

The track “Bad Luck Billy” tells the story of a man that’s always doing wrong over a stripped-back acoustic instrumental while the song “Let’s Go” finds Mickey getting into a lot of mischief from robbing a bank with a knife to carjacking over an EDM/trap fusion. The song “Rich Friends” brags about Mickey’s homies on top of an instrumental that sounds like something out of an old video game while the closer “End of My Line” gets right back into the acoustic side of things except the lyrics open up about how it’s difficult to look for a woman the opposite of him. The bonus cut “Dodging Bullets” is a teaser from his upcoming collab EP with reggae artist Landon McNamara entitled Highs & Lows.

If you enjoyed Loaded & Teardrops on My Tombstone as much as I did, then you’re gonna enjoy this album too. The lyricism remains wilder than ever before & Smoov-E continues to be a good match for Mickey because the sounds that he comes through with behind the boards continue to compliment his debauchery well.

Score: 3.5/5

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