Logic – “No Pressure” review

Logic is a 30 year old rapper, singer, songwriter, producer & author from Rockville, Maryland who showed quite a bit of potential in the early 2010s with his Young Sinatra mixtape series. His first 2 full-lengths Under Pressure & The Incredible True Story were both solid as well but beginning with the Bobby Tarantino tape in 2016, his discography has been VERY rocky. Mostly because his lyrical topics got trite & he drowned deeper in his influences to the point where it’s distracting. Case in point: His 3rd album ΞVERYBODY in 2017 was pretty much a Dollar Store version of Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly & then Bobby Tarantino II almost a year after sounded like a poor man’s Travis Scott album. However, I thought Young Sinatra IV was decent at best & MAYBE he would bounce back going forward. But somehow someway, Logic was able to drop 2 of the worst albums of last year in the span of 6 weeks with Supermarket & Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. Of course the backlash both those records justifiably received resulted in him going AWOL & since then, he’s started his own family with a second-wife & conceiving a child together. To focus on that, he’s giving us a sequel to Under Pressure as a parting gift from the music industry.

The album kicks off with the title track, where Logic gets reflective over some old school production. The next song “Hit My Line” talks about hoping God fixes all the bad stuff in the world today over a boom bap beat from longtime collaborator 6ix with some joyous keyboard melodies while the track “GP4” is a lame bastardization of OutKast’s “Elevators (Me & You)”. The song “Celebration” is an ode to his time in the music industry over a soulful No I.D. instrumental & while I like the beat switch on “Aquarius III”, the lyrics are an odd mash-up of “OCD” & “I’m Gone”.

The song “Soul Food II” is a dope revamp of the original “Soul Food” down to the beat while the track “Perfect” talks his shit over a vibrant instrumental. The song “man i is” talks about being happy with the person he’s become over a sample of Erykah Badu’s “Didn’t Cha Know?”. The song “DadBod” of course speaks on his newfound fatherhood over a delicate instrumental while the track “5 Hooks” charismatically boasts over a dynamic instrumental from Toro y Moi.

The song “Dark Place” talks about his anxiety & depression over a moody beat while the track “A2Z” is a modern take on Blackalicious’ “Alphabet Aerobics” backed by a punchy beat with some haunting keyboards. The song “Heard ‘Em Say” is a motivational anthem that actually goes over & before the spoken word outro “Obediently Yours”, the track “Amen” talks about how grateful he is for everything over a gospel-like boom bap beat.

In the past, a lot of rappers have said they’re gonna retire from making music & almost none of them actually do. But if this truly is the last Logic album, then I’m not mad at all. Easily his best since The Incredible True Story in my opinion. It’s well produced & Logic actually sounds focused this time around. Thank you, Bobby!

Score: 3.5/5

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