City Morgue – “Toxic Boogaloo” review

This is the 2nd EP from New York trio City Morgue. I became a fan of theirs in 2018 because of how ZillaKami, SosMula & Thraxx uniquely fused trap with metal on their debut Hell or High Water. A sophomore effort As Good as Dead came out just this past winter & even through Thraxx hardly did the production on there, Kami & Sos were able to get the criminally underrated Mike Dean to fill in that gap. But with their tour being one of the many to get cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they’re making it up to the fans with Toxic Boogaloo.

Things start off with “THE ELECTRIC EXPERIENCE”, where the duo compare themselves to Deadshot over a bombastic beat from Powers Pleasant. The next song “HURTWORLD ‘99” talks about wanting to fuck up anyone who comes at them over a trap metal instrumental while the track “YELLOW PISS” finds ZillaKami going solo to talk about death being longer than life over a chaotic beat from Thraxx. The song “BUAKAW” talks about their haters being pussy over some hi-hats & heavy guitars while the track “YAKUZA” is an unfinished SosMula solo joint backed by a beat that sounds something out of a horror movie.

The song “CRANK” sees the duo getting back together to talk about getting into altercations over an eerie beat while the track “YOU CAN SUCK MY DICK” is another ZillaKami solo cut about him bringing the smoke to anyone who wants it over bass-heavy instrumental. The song “ALL KILLER NO FILLER” talks about destroying shit over another trap metal beat whereas “SUPER SOAKA” is of course another SosMula solo song that’s even more half-baked than the previous one. The album finishes with “PROSTHETIC LEGS”, where the duo talk about being wardogs over an abrasive beat.

Coming from someone who enjoyed City Morgue’s last 2 albums a lot, this project is a disappointment. I think their whole style is still unique, but it just sounds like ZillaKami & SosMula rushed the shit outta it. Hopefully they take their time on the next album.

Score: 2.5/5

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