Yak Gotti – “Gotti Outta Here” review

Yak Gotti is a 27 year old rapper from Atlanta, Georgia who I first caught wind of by hearing his feature on “Dream” off of Young Thug’s Barter 6 in 2015. He eventually put out his debut mixtape Mind of a Maniac later that year but after a stint in prison & officially signing to YSL Records at the beginning of 2020, the man is ready to drop his full-length debut.

The album starts with “Chrome Heart Wave”, where Yak Gotti talks about his newfound success over a triumphant trap beat from Wheezy. The next song “In the Coupe” talks about cruisin’ in Cali over a druggy instrumental from Taurus & Turbo while the track “Rock Solid” with Demon Child sees the 2 talking about how they never crumble over a cloudy beat. The song “Slatt Walk” talks about still being with the shit despite being wealthy now over a violin-inflicted instrumental while the track “Lemonade” with Lil Duke sees the 2 flexing over a rambunctious beat.

The song “Truly Be Missed” talks about a friend of his since 9th grade over an oddly amusing instrumental while the track “Free the Goat” with Shad da God finds the 2 talking about living large over an acoustic-trap beat. The song “Friends with Benefits” is a painfully robotic love ballad despite the futuristic production while the track “All Day” with Lil Gotit & Lil Keed sees the 3 boasting over a bassy beat.

The song “Still Spazzin’” prays to God over a lively instrumental while the track “Super Slimey” talks about being down by law over a beat that’s ripping off Pi’erre Bourne. The song “Biggest Opp” with Real Talker, Yung Mal & 5th Ward Greedy is a decent moshpit starter with a horn-inflicted beat while the penultimate track “Down Bad” talks about loyalty over another acoustic trap-beat. The album ends with “Finally Free”, where Yak talks about getting out of prison over a keyboard-inflicted instrumental & why Thugger is credited as a featured artist on the official YouTube upload of the track when he doesn’t even appear on it? I don’t know.

I was curious to hear how this album would turn out but at the end of the day, it’s just mid. Half of these songs are really catchy & fun, but the other half is just generic & boring as Hell. Hopefully his next effort is more consistent.

Score: 2.5/5

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