DaBaby – “My Brother’s Keeper (Long Live G)” review

This is the brand new EP from Charlotte’s very own DaBaby. Blowing up almost 2 years ago off his viral single “Suge”, the man would drop 2 average full-lengths to build off of it. Last we heard from him was this spring with his subpar 3rd album Blame It on Baby but in light of his brother Glenn committing suicide recently, DaBaby is back with My Brother’s Keeper (Long Live G).

The opener “Brother’s Keeper’s” is a touching tribute to Glenn with an acoustic trap beat whereas the next song “8 Figures” with Meek Mill finds the 2 talking about being in their feelings & carrying ungrateful people over a symphonic instrumental. The track “Shanyah” pays tribute to a person in his life with the same name over a funereal beat while the song “Gucci Peacoat” talks about his family over an instrumental kin to the opening cut.

The track “Handgun” with NoCap & Polo G sees the 3 talking about being strapped over a banger beat while the penultimate song “Bidness” with Toosii finds the 2 talking about mixing hoes with their business over a JetsonMade beat with some Roger Troutman-like vocal harmonizing. The EP finishes off with ”More Money More Problems”, which talks about the cons of being wealthy over some more acoustic-trap production.

Yeah, this is yet another mediocre project from DaBaby. The introspective lyrics are a nice change of pace of what he usually does on joints, but the production could’ve been a lot better in my personal opinion.

Score: 2.5/5

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