Shah Leezy – “The Iron Sheik Tape” review

Shah Leezy is an MC from Staten Island, New York who’s been floating around for a couple of years now. So far he has a few EPs under his belt up to this point but last month, he released his 6th EP paying tribute to one of the greatest wrestlers to ever do it: The Iron Sheik.

The opener “Theme Music” gets on the competitive side of things lyrically over a string loop whereas the next track “Who the Fuck is Shah Leezy?” is a proper introduction to the man himself with a churchy-beat. The song “Sheik’s Shadow” talks about betrayal over some snares & an orchestral sample while the penultimate track “World Stage” advises the listener to keep dreaming over a soulful beat. The EP then finishes with “The Main Event”, where Shah speaks on being the King of the Middle East over a luxurious instrumental.

I think this is Shah’s best work to date & I can only see him going up from here. He sounds hungrier than ever lyrically & I’m not sure who did the production, but the soundscapes they bring to the table all suit him pretty well.

Score: 3.5/5

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