Flawless2k – “Blackout” review

Flawless2k is an MC from Atlanta, Georgia who has been making music ever since getting out of the U.S. Army in 2017. He’s dropped a handful of singles since then, but it’s all been leading right up to his debut EP over here.

The EP kicks off with “Hundun”, where Flawless2k talks about running up them checks over an airy trap instrumental. The next song “Mind Set” talks about living in the fast life over a nondescript beat whereas the track “Ole School” talks about his whip over a lavish beat. The song “Blackout” is an andreline pumping moshpit starter from the Three 6 Mafia inspired production to the feature from former No Limit Records signee Fiend while the track “Drip” talks about the shit he be rocking over a rubbery beat from CashMoneyAP.

The song “Sauce” with Yung Ralph sees the 2 talking about chasing paper over an atmospheric instrumental while the track “Vibe” with Hil-Figer talks about kicking it with their ladies over a more smoother beat. The song “Address the Issue” with Yung Tookie Baby finds the 2 talking about testing their tempers over a spooky instrumental & then the closer “Gas Up” with Duddy Ken & Pastor Troy sees the trio talking about Challengers & Box Chevy over a beat that gives off that classic dirty south vibe.

Coming away from this EP, my thoughts on it are mixed. I dig the sound, but there are a handful of features slapped onto it who punch under their weight. I understand it too Blackout is the only project under Flawless2k’s belt so far & the first one doesn’t always hit. He definitely has room to evolve his artistic craft down the road & I wish him nothing but the best.

Score: 2.5/5

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