Lil Skies – “Unbothered” review

Lil Skies is a 22 year old rapper from Chambersburg, Pennsylvania who came onto my radar in 2018 off his 4th mixtape Life of a Dark Rose. This was followed up the next year with his full-length debut Shelby & with the 2 year anniversary of that album approaching in a couple of months, Lil Skies is celebrating by dropping a sophomore effort.

The album kicks off with “Fade Away”, where Skies spends his time impersonating NAV for God knows what reason & even the beat is generic as Hell. The next song “Take 5” talks about having real money over a nondescript instrumental while the track “Excite Me” with Wiz Khalifa sees the 2 talking about freaky hoes over a euphoric beat. The song “Havin’ My Way” with Lil Durk finds the 2 talking about flexin’ & stuntin’ over an acoustic trap instrumental we’ve heard a million times already while the track “OK” proclaims himself as a big boss over a paranormal beat from Buddah Bless.

The song “Dead Broke” talks about a woman he had to let go over a rubbery beat while the track “On Sight” talks about having 30 shooters over a bland beat. The song “Think Deep Don’t Sink” talks about being iced out over a cavernous instrumental while the track “Red Wine & [JoDeCi]” talks about a manipulative ex over a skeletal beat.

The song “Locked Up” talks about being that dude over another acoustic/trap flavored instrumental while the track “Trust Nobody” talks about the fear of being set up over a dull beat. The song “Riot” compares himself to Freddy Krueger over a hyphy instrumental while the penultimate track “Sky High” talks about the love he has for this woman over an atmospheric beat from Danny Wolf. The album ends with “Mhmmm”, where Lil Skies talks about a down bad thotty over a T-Minus instrumental that almost has a Middle Eastern flare to it.

Outside of a couple flashes in the pan, I personally didn’t get that much enjoyment out of this album. Lil Skies’ music continues to decline further as the lyrics are vapid, the flows are subpar, the production is dime a dozen for a good majority of the time.

Score: 1.5/5

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