Super Famous Fun Time Guys – “Don’t Hug Me from the Front” review

The Super Famous Fun Time Guys are an Ohio-based horrorcore duo consisting of Mr. 8 Legz & Whipstick. They’ve released 2 full-lengths & an EP on their own since their formation in 2017 but after becoming the first act to sign to Alla Xul Elu’s independent label Long Live Evil a little over a month ago, 8 Legz & Whipstick are celebrating by dropping their 3rd full-length album.

After the “Tokyo Smoothies with Bob” intro, the title track that truly kicks the album off taps in with Dubbs to spit some humorous insults over an uptempo instrumental while the track “Up for Grabs” with Breadwin DeVille & Hard Target finds the quartet talking about sex over a somewhat tropical beat. The song “Could’ve Played Fallout” tells the story of Whipstick bringing 8 Legz out to a party over a trap instrumental with some plinky keys while the track “Luchaflorida” talks about where the duo came from over a dusty boom bap beat.

The song “Squad Up” with Blaze Ya Dead Homie sees the trio talking about this being the new sound over an instrumental with this hypnotic loop hanging in the background while the track “Alright” talking about wack rappers over a trap beat with some twinkling chimes. The song “Muerte Mierda” reunites with Dubbs to talk about murder over a deranged instrumental while the track “Hide & Seek After Sunset” with Alla Xul Elu finds the 5 enhancing the horrorcore vibes of the previous joint from the lyrics to the production.

The song “In the Alleyway” talks about slaying any rapper who opposes them over a Billy Obey instrumental that throws it back to the 90’s while the track “Brainless” talks about being immortalized after death over a grungy boom bap beat. The song “Talk2me” ponders how one can heal if they can never escape over a paranormal instrumental & after the “We’re Being Creepy” skit, the closer “I Like My Friends” talks about running the rap game their way over a playful beat from Bad Mind for the first 3 minutes before leading into a 14 minute skit.

Alla Xul Elu & I’ve been curious to hear what would happen if they brought new talent on board the Long Live Evil label. Needless to say, I’m very impressed with what the Super Famous Fun Time Guys delivered on here. Their sound on here is totally refined in comparison to their previous output & their pen-game has also improved.

Score: 4/5

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