Mavi – “End of the Earth” review

Mavi is a 21 year old rapper from Charlotte, North Carolina blowing up a couple years back off his well-received debut album Let the Sun Talk. His profile began to grow the following month after being featured on “El Toro Combo Meal” off of Earl Sweatshirt’s previous EP Feet of Clay & after doing features for a good bulk of 2020, the kid is returning in full effect by dropping a debut EP.

The EP kicks off with “TIME TRAVEL”, where Mavi talks about his spaceship being at full throttle over some keys & a melodic vocal sample. The next song “1,000 MILES” talks about “echoes on a hollow rock” over a somewhat happy instrumental while the track “METHODS” talks about mulling the ways to master his municipality over some tribal drums that later builds up into a more aggressive beat. The song “LIFE WE LIVE” talks about not feeling alive by a synth-laced instrumental & then the closer “TOWN CRIER” talks about taking this shit to the moon over a saintly beat.

From start to finish, I think this is a pretty good comeback from Mavi. He does a good job detailing his growth & even though the abstract production isn’t the most cutting edge, it’s tolerable. I’m very excited to watch what he does on his upcoming sophomore album Shango.

Score: 3.5/5

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