Guapdad 4000 – “1176” review

Guapdad 400 is a 28 year old rapper, singer & songwriter from Oakland, California who caught my attention in 2019 as part of the supergroup Zoink Gang as well as his handful of features on the Dreamville Records showcase compilation Revenge of the Dreamers III. This was followed up with the mediocre full-length debut Dior Deposits but after much anticipation, Guapdad is tapping in !llmind for his sophomore album.

Things kick off with “How Many”, where Guapdad ponders the number of times he’s been called as well the amount of drugs & alcohol one did over a trap beat with some dreary guitar melodies. The next song “She Wanna” talks about sex over a skeletal instrumental while the track “10finity” talks about still living on 10 over some somber piano chords. The song “Big Shot” talks about being a baller over a cloudy trap beat while the track “Catching Bodies” talks about hitting licks over a more joyous instrumental.

The song “Chandler” talks about feeling cocky over some snares with some occasional piano & guitar passages while the track “Muhammad” talks about trapping over an inebriating beat. The song “Touch Dough” talks about getting money over some skittering hi-hats & glistening keyboards while the track “Downgrade” talks about going back being a dog over a dim beat.

The song “Uncle Ricky” goes into a more boom bap direction as Guapdad talks about how crazy his uncle was while the track “Gargoyles” talks about being a castle with soft walls over an enticing beat. The song “PlayStation” pays homage to Digital Underground’s “I Get Around” over a palatial instrumental while the penultimate track “Chicken Adobo” talks about a woman holding him down over a tropical beat. The album ends with “Stoop Kid”, where Guapdad gets reflective for 7-minutes over a buoyant instrumental.

I didn’t know what to expect from this album given that I wasn’t a huge fan of Guapdad’s previous material, but I gotta say: This is the best he’s ever sounded. His lyrics are a lot more personal than before whereas !llmind cooks up the most consistent batch of production Guapdad has ever hopped on top of.

Score: 3.5/5

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