Rod Wave – “SoulFly” review

Rod Wave is a 22 year old rapper, singer & songwriter from St. Petersburg, Florida who broke out in 2019 off his debut album Ghetto Gospel. A sophomore effort Pray 4 Love came out last spring & it would land him a spot in the 2020 XXL Freshman Class few months later. But after working out some issues with Alamo Records

It all starts off with the title track, where Rod talks about balancing his ups & downs over some a cavernous trap beat. The next song “Gone ‘Till November” talks about not wanting to be alone over a twangy instrumental while the track “Wanna Blame Me” talks about a girl doing him wrong over a generic beat. The song “Don’t Forget” talks about coming straight from out the trenches over some acoustics & snares while the track “Tombstone” talks about thuggin’ until the end over a stripped back beat.

The song “All I Got” talks about finally living his dream over a cloudy piano instrumental while the track “Richer” with Polo G finds the 2 talking about their wealth over a summery beat. The song “Street Runner” talks about going higher over a cumbersome instrumental while the track “Pills & Billz” talks about how money can buy you drugs over a piano & some hi-hats. The song “How the Game Go” talks about playing the game the way it was taught to him over some more acoustic trap shit while the track “Shock da World” talks about how they ain’t seen nothing yet & the vocal sample on here is just gorgeous.

The song “What’s Love??” explains the meaning of love to a broken heart over the same BEAUTIFUL THUGGER GIRLS-inspired production we’ve heard a million times at this point while the track “O.M.D.B. (Over My Dead Body)” talks about how he knows this woman don’t love him over an intoxicating beat. The song “Invisible Scar” talks about how he can’t save this youngin’ at the party over a formulaic instrumental while the track “Calling Me” talks about numbing the pain over some more country trap production.

The song “Sneaky Links” talks about keeping relationships secret over a weighty instrumental while the track “Believe Me” talks about having a hard time trusting his baby over a glossy beat. The song “Moving On” talks about starting anew & then the closer “Changing” talks about his newfound maturity over a piano-laced trap instrumental.

Coming away from this album, it’s a just a mixed bag for me personally. It’s really cool to hear how personal he can get through his lyrics, but it’s just the production sounds the same for a good portion of it.

Score: 2.5/5

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