Yelawolf – “Slumafia” review

This is the 6th EP from Alabama rapper, singer, songwriter, fashion designer & entrepreneur Yelawolf. Coming up in 2005 off the mediocre debut album Creekwater, it wouldn’t be until 5 years later when Catfish Billy caught the mainstream’s attention off the strength of his 4th mixtape Trunk Muzik before signing to Shady Records in 2011. After dropping a total of 4 albums under the Eminem-owned Interscope Records imprint, he fulfilled his contract just a couple years ago to focus on Slumerican Records & dropped his 6th full-length effort Ghetto Cowboy a little over 8 months later. But to continue his streak of dropping a project every week for this entire month, Yelawolf is hooking back up with longtime collaborator DJ Paul for Slumafia.

“Trans Am” is a gritty opener as Catfish Billy spits about going from the gutter to being rich over some hi-hats & plinky keys, but then Paul jumps on the next cut “Tote the Bag” to charismatically boast on top of a shadowy instrumental. The track “Lucchese” is a devilishly-produced killer anthem that I would’ve enjoyed more without the Badd Wolf feature whereas “Still the Man” bigs himself up & the beat on here is probably the darkest on the entire EP.

Meanwhile, “Don’t Need a Cup” serves as a slowed-down ode to his Creekwater whiskey brand & even though I understand that the title track is meant to be a Slumerican/Three 6 crossover, the only features that captivated me were Gangsta Boo & the Seed of 6 because Big Henri’s verse was ok & BRAY’s was hands down the weakest. “Super Geek” is a bass-heavy crowd mover about only giving a fuck once in his life & “Head Banger” is an explosive closer that sounds like it could’ve been on Yelawolf Blacksheep. I mean PRETTY SHY’s verse at the start is uneventful, but Caskey kills his in the middle.

Of all of the projects Yelawolf has dropped in 2021, I’d have to say Slumafia is my favorite thus far. Paul’s signature sound is always great to hear & it definitely brings some of the best out of Catfish Billy, but my biggest problem that I had with TURQUOiSE TORNADO makes it’s way onto here: the features.

Score: 3.5/5

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