ssgkobe – “KO.” review

ssgkobe is a 17 year old rapper from Louisiana emerging out of the SoundCloud scene just a few years back, but I was unfamiliar with him until earlier this month when he was featured on a bonus track off of BROCKHAMPTON’s new album ROADRUNNER: NEW LIGHT, NEW MACHINE. And with his profile continuously growing, of course he’s gonna ride the wave by dropping a 15 minute EP.

“listen before you indulge” is a bare acoustic opener with underwritten lyrics about being torn spiritually whereas the next “Capsules” sees right past the bluff on top of a plucky trap beat. “Condo” is an annoying cloud rap diatribe about how kobe & BoofPaxkMooky got money walking while the track “Angels” portrays his adventures in the sunshine state.

Then we have the rushjob of a breakup cut that is “why’re you scared?”, but then the WondaGurl-produced “Again” is basically the other side of the coin as he talks about moving on to a new chick. The song “Calabasas” featuring $not is a pretty drab way to end the EP, but I do enjoy the Crimson Chin reference in the hook quite a bit.

Yeah I ain’t got much else to say other that KO. is just another addition to the ever-growing pile of run of the mill trap projects. Despite being far from the worst thing I’ve listened to all year & maybe he’ll refine his style on the next project, it’s nothing that I haven’t heard already.

Score: 2/5

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