Peter Rosenberg – “Real Late” review

Peter Rosenberg is a 41 year old DJ, TV show host & professional wrestling personality from Maryland who most people these days are familiar with as the co-host of Ebro in the Morning on Hot 97. Now despite me personally not being a fan of that show AT ALL, my curiosity for this full-length debut of Rosenberg’s got the best of me given how much I enjoyed all of the singles he’s dropped leading up to it.

The title track that starts off the album has a chilling boom bap instrumental from DJ Skizz showcasing the worldplay of Vel the Wonder whereas the next song “Stain” by Westside Gunn is pretty much him quenching for blood & the eerie JR Swiftz production kicks the vibe up to 11. We have Ransom, Smoke DZA & Styles P coming together to proclaim themselves as messiahs on the trippy “S.R.D.” while the lead single “Marcus Smart” by Flee Lord & Stove God Cook$ gives off 70’s blaxploitation vibes both lyrically & sonically.

Flee sticks around with Roc Marciano to reminisce on the days of slinging coke on the sumptuous “Hallways” just before Eto & Jay NiCE hop aboard the jazzy “Mind Over Matter” to address how COVID has fucked up the music industry. The song “Next Chamber” with Method Man, Raekwon & Willie the Kid contains a mystical instrumental for them to rap about pride over while the Meyhem Lauren solo cut “Words of Meyhem” gets back on that drug dealer shit backed by a Buckwild beat with a funky bass-line & some dusty drums.

Crimeapple, Ghostface Killah & Jim Jones come together for the mafiosi-themed dreary “Snake Eyes” while the Rasheed Chappell solo joint “Midnight Sunday” brings in some strings & saxes bragging about his lifestyle. The song “Wu Generation” by the 2nd Generation Wu finds the quartet trading back & forth paying tribute to each of their fathers over a rich instrumental while the penultimate track “I Want It All” by Fly Anakin & Nickelus F is a much more soothing tune about achieving success. The closer “Dear” by Homeboy Sandman continues to bring the jazz influences as he details why he’s here.

Regardless of my thoughts on Ebro in the Morning, I can’t deny that this album is pretty enjoyable. There are a couple of weak spots in the tracklisting, but a good portion of of the emcees & producers that Rosenberg has amassed use this platform of his to showcase their talents & I think it’s a real good look for them.

Score: 3.5/5

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