Unfoonk – “My Struggle” review

Unfoonk is a 31 year old rapper from Atlanta, Georgia notable for being the brother HiDoraah, Dolly White & trap trailblazer Young Thug. He was sentenced to life in prison in 2008, but was released 11 years later with Thugger’s help & was given a deal with YSL Records pretty much immediately. However that doesn’t mean Unfoonk is new to making music, as the dude already has 4 mixtapes under his belt since 2019. But after his fiery performances on Slime Language II a couple months back, it’s only right for Thugger to put him at bat for a full-length debut.

“Temperature” is a short yet emotional opener about how Unfoonk has a lot to lose whereas the piano-tinged “Trial” addresses the charges that he was facing 13 years back. Lil Keed tags along for the celebratory, trap rock infused “Bait ‘Em In” just before Gunna tags in on the wavy, braggadocious “I Had”.

Meanwhile on “Private”, we get some keys & guitar with Unfoonk telling this woman he don’t do second chances leading into him saying how everything ain’t what it seems on the jangly “Smoke n Mirrors”. As for “Hit Different”, I like the sample but FN da Dealer easily has the weakest feature on the entire album. Fortunately for us, Future makes up for it on the exuberant yet self-explanatory “Running Out of Patience”.

“911” featuring Young Thug continues to build off the chemistry of “Real” while the wavy “Ape Shit” with G Herbo opens about some people they happen to know. The penultimate track “Streets Don’t Love Nobody” with Lil Duke finds the 2 talking about how cold it is in the hood over a spacious instrumental & then the album ends with “My Pain”, which is Unfoonk at his most vulnerable.

And that pretty much sums up my thoughts on this album, I liked this more than I thought I would. The dude gets a lot off his chest through the pen & I like how detailed the production is rather than being a clone of his brother. If he keeps it up, he could probably reach the same level of popularity as Gunna & Keed.

Score: 3.5/5

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