Doja Cat – “Planet Her” review

Doja Cat is a 25 year old rapper, singer, songwriter & producer from Los Angeles, California who caught my attention in 2018 off her viral novelty single “MOOO!”. This was followed up the next year with her debut mixtape Hot Pink which was decent as a whole, but “Say So” solidified that she wasn’t going away anytime soon. However, I did get excited for this sophomore album of hers given how much I enjoyed the singles leading up to it & wanted to give it a shot.

“Woman” is a dancehall flavored opener telling this man to let her in his life whereas “Naked” is a wintry ode to sex. Young Thug comes into the picture for the acoustic trap money anthem “Payday” just before paying homage to Nicki Minaj on the bouncy “Get Into It (Yuh)”. Meanwhile with “Need to Know”, we get an 808s & Heartbreak inspired tune telling her man to throw the pipe leading into the moody [Ariana Grande duet “I Don’t Do Drugs”.

Doja Cat goes on to reminisce about an ex on the trap flavored slow jam “Love to Dream” while The Weeknd duet “You Right” is an atmospheric anthem about lust. “Been Like This” is a psychedelic look at a man who’s changed on her whereas the J.I.D-assisted “Options” works in a flute & they get kinky.

Some plinky pianos get incorporated to call out bum-ass men on “Ain’t Shit” & then for “Imagine”, we get a vibrant trap banger about her hard work paying off. The penultimate track “Alone” ponders if she’s crazy for wanting to be single over a summery instrumental & then there’s “Kiss Me More”, which is an infectiously dance-pop heavy duet with SZA.

Now despite me thinking Doja Cat’s last 2 projects were mid, I genuinely think she delivered on Planet Her. Undoubtedly her magnum opus so far in my personal opinion. I love how diverse the production is & the whole concept of this self-originated world is well pieced together.

Score: 3.5/5

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