Yeat – “Trëndi” review

Yeat is a 21 year old rapper from Portland, Oregon who first emerged in 2018 off his debut EP Deep Blue Strips. He just dropped his 3rd mixtape Alivë back in April as well a 4th tale 4L just a couple months back but with his next full-length Up 2 Më in the works, Yeat has decided to give listeners an appetizer before the main course with his 5th EP.

“Mad ‘Bout That” kicks things off with a grisly sequel to “Sorry ‘Bout That” whereas “Fukit” is an energetic follow-up based around the expression of nonchalance. The penultimate track “Insidë Out” with SeptembersRich finds the 2 flexin’ over an instrumental that sounds clearly inspired by Playboi Carti’s Whole Lotta Red & then the closer “Tonka 2” serves as a wavy sequel to “Tonka” off Alivë.

This kid’s profile has only been increasing within the last couple months & it’s really not hard to see why. I think he has a unique voice, the hunger is there in his performances/songwriting & has a decent ear for production. At this rate, Up to Me will definitely propel him to the next level.

Score: 3.5/5

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