$uicideboy$ – “Long Term Effects of Suffering” review

The $uicideboy$ are a duo from New Orleans, Louisiana consisting of Ruby da Cherry & $crim. They’ve released a plethora of projects within the last 7 years like the Kill Your$elf saga, Eternal Gray, I WANNA DIE IN NEW ORLEANS & the Travis Barker/produced Live Fast, Die Whenever. The boy$’ last project together Stop Staring at the Shadows came out last Valentine’s Day & now for Friday the 13th, they’re reuniting for a sophomore album.

“Degeneration in the Key of A Minor” is a mind-altering opener comparing Earth to Hell whereas “If Self-Destruction was an Olympic Event, I’d be Tonya Harding” ghostly reflects on their career up to this point. “Life is a Stream~” is a guitar/trap ballad about wasting your life & drug abuse just before “5 Grand at 8 to 1” brings in some jazzy undertones comparing & contrasting their lives then & now.

Meanwhile on “WE ENVY NOTHING IN THE WORLD”, we have the boy$ coming through with an abrasive riot starter leading into them
somberly comin’ straight out of the dark for “Lighting the Flames of My Own Personal Hell”. They once again speak on addiction while shit-talking at the same time on the dreary “New Profile Pic” prior to the duo calling out those who tell them what to think for the devilish “Bleach”.

“Forget It” is a spacey breakup theme whereas “Avalon” spookily talk about being dons. The song “Materialism as a Means to an End” nocturnally speaks on being full of hate while the penultimate track “Ugliest” rounds out the trilogy “Ugly” started 6 years back. “The Number You Have Dialed is Not in Service” ends things by somberly telling fans to keep marching when life gets hard.

I really enjoyed the singles leading up to this album & as a whole, Long Term Effects of SUFFERING didn’t let me down at all. I admire how the boy$ challenge themselves to new sounds & opening up on their lives within the last few years.

Score: 4/5

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