SosMula – “13 Songs 2 Die 2” review

SosMula is a 33 year old rapper from Manhattan, New York who came up as 1/3 of the trio City Morgue alongside fellow emcee ZillaKami & producer Thraxx. They’ve released 2 full-length albums & an EP together up to this point, but have recently decided to amicably branch out solo with Sos being the first to do so & dropping an official full-length debut on his lonely.

“Gun Sport” is a unashamedly embarrassing Playboi Carti bite whereas the Nascar Aloe-assisted “Stain” works in some piano embellishments & hi-hats talking about their new ice. “No Heart” goes into acoustic trap territory saying he can’t give his love to any bitch just before Jasiah tags along for the distorted weed smoker’s theme “Can’t Feel My Face”. Meanwhile on “Death Wish”, we have Sos aggressively giving the finger to the opps leading into the poppy Michael Myers tribute “Lil Psychos” with Xanman.

Following this is the nocturnal “DOCTA” finding him & Fat Nick spitting that g shit, but then “Whip Parked” with Bizzy Banks goes into mistier turf going on about trapping. “WHERE MY STICK” apocalyptically spits that gun talk whereas “QUEEF” samples John Williams of all people to compare himself to Bruce Wayne.

The song “Boogaloo” disappointingly sounds like a microwaved leftover from City Morgue’s Toxic Boogaloo EP while the penultimate track “Favela” with Jovem Dex hideously goes into tropical territory talking about their women wanting their kids. “Vinny Rotten” though serves as a mediocre finish with it’s banger beat, the lyrics about being brazy & the annoying Kim Dracula verse

Now despite being a solo effort, I think 13 Songs 2 Die 2 is barely an improvement over Toxic Boogaloo. I appreciate the fact that Sos tries to stray away from the trap metal sound City Morgue is known for, but it’s either hit or miss & almost every feature is weak as fuck.

Score: 2.5/5

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