KanKan – “##RR” review

KanKan is a 21 year old artist & producer from Dallas, Texas who emerged in 2019 as a member of Slayworld & by landing production credits for a wide range of artists from Summrs to even Little Pimp. He’s also dropped an eponymous debut mixtape & 14 EPs in that short amount of time, but all of that has but nothing but a pre-game & is ready to prove the world what he’s really capable of on his very 1st full-length album.

“Arcteryx” kicks it all off a fun little freestyle accompanied by a minimal yet joyous instrumental whereas “Red” is a bass-heavier cut speaking on his newfound fame. “Breakin the Bank” is a cool electro/trap fusion about his wealth, but then “Not da Same” feels like a leftover from Yeat’s latest album Up 2 Më given the lack of KanKan’s presence on it.

The title track brings in some hypnotic synth melodies celebrating the paper coming in by dropping it on a black Bentley & Roxis just before “Wreck” works in a blobby bass-line talking about walking in the club with that fire. After the acoustic-tinged “Oxy” interlude, “Milan” serves as a corny love ballad with an underwhelming Joony verse at the start leading into the cloudy yet monstrous “Dissin’” goes at his naysayers.

“Under Me” continues where the previous cut left off thematically albeit with a mistier beat while “Take It to Trial” serves as an underwritten shot at studio gangsters. The song “Fuk tha Clout” with Yeat finds the 2 on top of a mind-altering instrumental saying they don’t care about the fame while the penultimate track “Russian Shit” works in some piano melodies getting on his hardcore shit & “Demon Time” is a short yet grim finisher to the album displaying his recklessness.

Overall, #RR is a pretty respectable debut album & I’m curious to hear where he goes from here in the subsequent future. A couple songs seem like they’re unfinished & not fully realized, but KanKan continues to make his mark as one of the biggest names in the plugg scene today as he vibrantly details where he’s at currently.

Score: 3.5/5

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