Dax – “Pain Paints Paintings” review

Dax is a 27 year old rapper from Canada who originally worked as a janitor before blowing up after dropping the single “YourWorthIt.org” with Hopsin in the summer of 2018. This was followed up with his debut EP It’s Different Now shortly after & now after dropping his 2nd EP I’ll Say It For You under the Strange Music subsidiary It Goes Up Entertainment a year & a half ago, all of that has been leading up to the man’s very first full-length album.

“Suffocating” begins things by melodramatically whining about the pressure of fame on top of some pianos whereas “The Devil’s Calling” gets on the Detroit trap sound saying his music gives off Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, MLK, Harriet Tubman & Emmett Till energy in such a delusional fashion. Like why listen to this when you have “Pig Feet” or even “The Bigger Picture” for God’s sake? Then there’s “40 Days 40 Nights”, which has a bland instrumental & a wack Nasty C feature talking about “getting right”.

Meanwhile on “Searching for a Reason”, we get a hideously sung diatribe about how “people hate me because I’m real” when in reality: he takes a very surface level approach to conscious hip hop with his music. “Battles with Faith” is a lot like the opener in terms of the sound except he’s telling his critics “Hey I’m not perfect, man” & his flow on here is just so hilariously bad every time I hear it.

“Eternity” tries to pull at the heart-strings by reminding us that “eternity has no end” even though it’s common fucking knowledge, but then “Does God Cry?” tries to say that “rain is actually God’s tears” & it makes ME wanna cry myself because of how corny it sounds. If you thought that wasn’t enough, Tom MacDonald tags along for the hypocritical “Propaganda” trying to edgily “call out” the bullshit in “Nightmerica” & not really exposing anything.

The title track tries to blandly take the atmospheric route saying he has no regrets while “Stadiums” serves as an air-headed temper tantrum to his haters by telling them “I hit like hail, man”. Snow tha Product has one of the better features on the album with “A Lot at Stake” addressing the theme of betrayal as does Lecrae with “Bad Things Happen to Good People”, except on here Dax is just saying “Hey we’re all equal guys”.

“PTSD” has little to nothing to do with the actual disorder itself, but rather him talking about how “I’m not looking forward to anything in my life because it never liked me” with a cavernous beat. Yelawolf’s verse on the guitar-driven “Fame” is cool, but Dax’s just seems flat to me in comparison. The penultimate track “Wounded” with Clever instrumentally is similar to “Fame” except it’s about “the pin deep inside”, but “My Eyes Bleed” ends the album with poorly sung ballad praying that “the pain will stay inside these songs”.

Now that we’re at the concluding paragraph of this review, let me start off by saying I have absolutely nothing against Dax as a person whatsoever & I’m happy for the success he’s seen in recent years. However, I had a really hard time sitting through this album & didn’t enjoy it at all. A few features are decent, but it’s not enough to make me wanna go back to hear the melodramatic tone in a majority of Dax’s verses or the cut-rate production.

Score: 0.5/5

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