Megan Thee Stallion – “Something for thee Hotties: From thee Archives” review

Megan Thee Stallion is a 26 year old rapper from Houston, Texas who rose to prominence in the spring of 2019 with the release of her debut mixtape Fever. I myself was very impressed with how it displayed Megan’s knack for catchy songwriting, dirty south/Memphis inspired production & a unique personality. Her popularity began to rapidly increase last year off her 3rd EP Suga & the full-length debut Good News but in light of Megan on the verge of graduating from Texas Southern University with a bachelor’s degree in health administration, she’s compiling together a bunch of old freestyles & some unreleased joints to celebrate.

“Tuned In” sets the compilation off with a bouncy Juicy J & OG Parker instrumental clapping back at those speaking ill of her name whereas “Megan Monday” takes a more rubbery approach rightfully flexing her spot as the illest female rapper in the mainstream (not the illest overall, don’t get it twisted). After the “Trippy” skit, “Southside Forever” eerily details her famous lifestyle just before “Outta Town” works in a xylophone & some snares telling people to call her Dr. Miami the way she bodies cats.

Meanwhile on “Megan’s Piano”, we get a fitting keyboard loop throughout with a bass-line on top of it & Megan talking about making moves in silence leading into the “VickeeLo & DinoBtw Skit”. Following this is the kinky “Eat It” with a bombastic Murda Beatz instrumental & then Buddah Bless works in a chipmunk soul sample for “All of It” talking about wanting a scammer.

“Warning” thunderously cautions all the broke dudes out there while “Kitty Kat” almost takes a funkier approach & even though I appreciate the message behind it calling her haters pussies, the hook is annoying. After the “Tina Snow” interlude, “God’s Favorite” admirably weaves in a down-tuned guitar instrumental despite sounding underwritten & the DJ scratches throughout the grimy “Lemme See It” are really cool talking about being a female pimp.

I think the vocal sample throughout “Opposite Day” really enhances the energy of it saying she likes making bitches mad & “Freakend” gets back on the raunchy shit with a bit more moodier sound. “Bae Goals” is a touching dedication to her boyfriend Pardison Fontaine, but then “Pipe Up” melodically talks about both of them making their own paper & being in love.

The track “Bless the Booth” brings in an airy backdrop & a rubbery bass-line calling out those who see her as a threat while the final song on the comp “Thot Shit” is a decent little strip club banger. But to end the entire thing, “To Thee Hotties” comes through with a spoken word outro thanking all of her fans for sticking by her throughout all these years.

I still maintain my claims that Megan is the illest female rapper in the mainstream right now but truth be told, I wasn’t really expecting much from this compilation to begin with. Lo & behold: I’m kinda on the fence with it. I think the freestyles are a reminder of how lyrically skilled she is, but the outtakes have slightly more hits than misses.

Score: 3/5

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