Limp Bizkit – “Still Sucks” review

Limp Bizkit is an infamous rap metal band consisting of frontman Fred Durst, drummer John Otto, bassist Sam Rivers, guitarist Wes Borland & DJ Lethal on the turntables. $3 Bill, Y’all$ & Significant Other are both certified classics in their own rights, but Chocolate Strfish & the Hot Dog Flavored Water kinda signaled the beginning of the end as I was 50/50 on it personally. Results May Vary would go on to rightfully become one of the worst albums ever made & even though The Undeniable Truth was a step in the right direction, Gold Cobra wasn’t it at all other than the Raekwon-featured bonus cut. But after a 10-year hiatus, Durst & the gang are returning for their 6th album.

“Out of Style” is an empowering opener produced by Purps responding to those who called the band washed up whereas “Dirty Rotten Bizkit” follows it up with an absolute headbanger about ripping shit up. “Dad Vibes” comes off a little cheesy to me even though I fucking love the hook leading into “Turn It Up, Bitch” working in a bass-line & drums to talk about how everyone needs some hardcore shit.

Meanwhile on “Don’t Change”, we have an acoustic ballad encouraging listeners to stay true to yourself just before the ghostly “You Bring Out the Worst in Me” addresses a lover of his. “Love the Hate” hilariously pokes fun at the backlash their post-Chocolate Strfish output got, but then “Barnacle” is a bit more melodic telling the leeches to stay away from him despite being repetitively structured.

“Empty Hole” is another acoustic cut addressing an ex of his while the song “Pill Popper” serves as a badass shot at the corruption in the pharmaceutical industry. The penultimate track “Snacky Poo” almost has a boom bap quality to it spitting some battle raps & for a closer, “Goodbye” couldn’t have finished it off any better taking a poppier route talking about elevating his quality of life on down the road.

Given that I’m not too crazy about “Dad Vibes”, I didn’t really go into this album expecting very much. However, I’m surprised by how much I genuinely enjoyed it. I think the production is more refined compared to Results May Vary & Gold Cobra, but I really can’t get enough of how self-aware Fred Durst comes off through his songwriting & vocals.

Score: 3.5/5

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