Lucki – “Wake Up Lucki” review

Lucki is a 25 year old rapper & producer from Chicago, Illinois who started to turn heads in the summer of 2013 when he released his debut mixtape Alternative Trap to critical acclaim. This was followed up with 5 more tapes & a dozen EPs but after finishing his tour promoting his 7th mixtape over here, he’s enlisting F1LTHY to produce the whole thing from front to back which is very intriguing given that he was responsible for a couple of my favorite cuts off Playboi Carti’s sophomore album Whole Lotta Red last Christmas like “M3tamorphosis” & “New Tank”.

“USED 2 B” is a dope, electronic/trap-tinged opener saying he knows who really loves him whereas “NEPTUNE VS. INDUSTRY” follows it up with an underwritten cut about being geeked despite it’s glistening production. “STILL MISS YA” works in some synthesizers to pondering why this bitch would trust him even though it could’ve been more fleshed out, but then “U.G.K.” talks about how he was just racin’ & I really dig the psychedelic feeling of the production.

Meanwhile on “2019”, we have Lucki on top of a pleasantly cloudy trap instrumental telling his lover how much he needs her just before “WHERE I BE” does a good job at spaciously detailing his Roxy suite calling him. “NEEDED” lyrically details how “It’s not good I need it, but I said it cause it’s true” with a beat that’s danceable as fuck leading into “CRYOUT” talking about being in the mixer & the atmosphere of it is really nice.

“SPARKS VISION” has one of the weaker instrumentals on the tape telling this bitch he’s giving her heart away while the song “BUSY DAY” is a spacey storytelling banger of why he missed his girl’s calls & messages all day. The penultimate track “LOVE IS WAR” is a decent attempt at going emo rap & “OUTRO” finishes the tape well by talking about how high he got with a perfectly chilled out beat.

In my personal opinion, this is one of my favorite Lucki projects yet & hopefully this is the last precursor to his full-length debut Flawless Like Me whenever that drops (fingers crossed next year). It’s a completely different sound than his previous efforts & his knack for catchy songwriting stays in effect for a good portion of it.

Score: 3.5/5

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