Yeat – “2 Alivë” review

Year is a 21 year old rapper from Portland, Oregon who out in 2018 off his debut EP Deep Blue $trips. This was followed up with 2 mixtapes & 3 more EPs, but he began dominating the mainstream in 2021 whether it be him dropping a total of 4 projects (2 mixtapes, an EP & a full-length debut) or cosigns from the likes of Drake & Earl Sweatshirt. But now with “U Could Tëll” appearing on one of latest Euphoria episodes & signing to Geffen Records, we’re finally being treated to Yeat’s long-awaited sophomore album.

“Poppin’” sets off the whole thing off on a cloudy note boasting whereas “Outsidë” with Young Thug finds the 2 detailing the many benefits that come alongside their position as artists over an upbeat instrumental. “Rëal 6” takes a more atmospheric yet bass-heavy route with a clever homage to Nipsey Hu$$le in the hook, but then “Nvr again” sounds something out of a retro video game as far as production goes & talking about his drug addiction.

Meanwhile on “Luh gëek”, we have Yeat over some prominent bass getting in his shit-talking bag leading into the Gunna assisted “Rackz got 2 më” talking about money consuming them over some somber bells. “Doublë” has a more futuristic feel to it detailing being “geeked out his mind” just before “On tha timë” talks about being the big dog & the instrumental reminds me a lot of Super Mario.

“Jus better” reincorporates some bells into an electronic backdrop speaking down on his competition while “Jump” reveals itself to be a vigorous moshpit anthem. “Dnt lië” follows it up by talking about going up on the list over a quirky instrumental whereas “Rollin’” shoots for a more chilled out vibe to flex.

Continuing from there, “Taliban” comes in with a more playful sound saying he’s always a geek while “Narcoticz” brings in Yung Kayo for a synth-laced drug theme. “Call më” follows that up with a decent love ballad & “Kan’t dië” picks brings back the synthesizers to brag.

Ken Car$on tags along for the triumphant “Gëek high” talking about pulling up with the team while the song “Luh m” with ‎SeptembersRich is a cool little sequel to “Insidë out”. The penultimate track “Smooktobër” finds Yeat talking about fucking up the game over a spooky F1LTHY beat & “Still countin’” ends with the album with a hedonistic trap banger detailing the rich life.

To see how far this dude has come within the last year has been incredible to watch because 2 Alivë has to be his best full-length yet in my eyes. It’s not as cloudy or pluggy as his early work, but he still displays a unique take on modern trap even on a major label.

Score: 4/5

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