Ho99o9 – “Skin” review

Ho99o9 is a punk rap trio from Newark, New Jersey consisting of theOGM, Eaddy & Brandon Pertzborn. They originally emerged on the scene in 2014 off their debut EP Mutant Freax & have since gone on to follow it up with 3 more EPs along with 3 mixtapes & even a full-length debut. But in light of them signing to Travis Barker’s newly formed Elekta Records imprint DTA Records, it was only appropriate to have the revered blink-182 drummer produce their sophomore effort over here.

“NUGE SNIGHT” is a short yet heavy opener cleverly welcoming listeners to Death Row whereas “BATTERY NOT INCLUDED” works in some thrashy drums talking about how “nothing’s ever perfect”. “BITE MY FACE” comes through with a riot-starter demanding to show ‘em what you’re living in just before Bun B tags along for the chopped & screwed “SLO BREAD” to get on their hustler shit.

Meanwhile on “PROTECT MY BITCH, Pt. 2”, we have Ho99o9 going into a more industrial sound calling out an internet gangsta leading into “…SPEAK OF THE DEVIL” incorporating a heavy ass riff talking about how you can’t run from them because this is who they are. Saul Williams comes into the picture for the punky “SKINHEAD” screaming to give them drugs, but then “LOWER THAN SCUM” comes through with a killer guitar riff talking about the devil being in them.

“DEVIL AT THE CROSSROADS” starts out the final leg of the album with an uncanny trap cut confessing their temptations with Satan himself while “THE WORLD, THE FLESH, THE DEVIL” goes into trap metal territory getting murderous. The penultimate track “LIMITS” with Jasiah finds the 2 chaotically talking about not seeing such & “DEAD OR ASLEEP?” ends the album with a punk rap ballad singing to take them out with no regret.

These guys have always caught my interest, but I’m so happy they linked with Travis because he gave them their best body of work yet. His production’s a lot more rawer in comparison to the recent shit he’s been doing with Machine Gun Kelly & both MCs sound angrier than ever on the mic.

Score: 4/5

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