Hatfield – “No Change” review

Hatfield is an MC from Toronto, Canada who’s been steadily been dropping singles for over a year now like “Tax” & more recently “Did It All Without a Quake Feature”. But for his debut EP, he’s enlisting local producer DJ BLKUOS behind the boards for the whole thing given that they’ve been working with each other quite a bit as of late.

“Greenery” is a spacious boom bap opener telling everyone to leave him be whereas “Ohohh” takes a more calmer approach talking about acting clean around him. “No Lunch” returns to boom bap territory asking the lil homies what they doing leading into the groovy “My Ppl” paying tribute to his people of course. The song “Crosstheline” comes through with some heavy auto-tune detailing relationship issues while the title track takes a soulful route talking about being the one. “Stuck” ends the EP on a trap note challenging his opposition.

Overall, I think these guys gave us an impressive EP right here & I’m very intrigued by what they’re gonna do next. The amount of versatility that both parties show from Hatfield’s gritty raps to auto-tuned singing as well as DJ BLKLUOS’ production ranging from boom bap to trap really go hand-in-hand with each other & as a result, they present an admirably natural chemistry.

Score: 3.5/5

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