Ty Fontaine – “B.4.B.M.G. (Before Beautiful Michi Girls): The Experience” review

This is the 4th EP from Washington, D.C. rapper Ty Fontaine. Breaking out in 2018 off the debut EP Do Not Disturb, his profile continued to grow from there & eventually landed in a short-lived deal with Internet Money Records. The last I covered Ty on my platform was last summer when he dropped Ascension & with B.M.G. (Beautiful Michi Girls) coming down down the pipe later this year, he’s preluding it by dropping B.4.B.M.G. (Before Beautiful Michi Girls): The Experience.

“Keep IT Real” is a great opener with it’s triumphant horn sections advising to stay truthful to him while the song “OutTheWay” takes a synth-heavy route talking about avoiding fuck shit. The penultimate track “WE or I” is an acoustic ballad showing his love to his better half & “Love4free” ends the EP with a decent lil R&B jam about needing his girl’s company for everything he does.

Whether these are gonna be on B.M.G. (Beautiful Michi Girls) or not, I think it’s a dope appetizer before the main course. I really admire how much he experiments with new sounds throughout & this album could really expand more on the versatility he’s shown here.

Score: 3.5/5

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