Chetta – “Been Here Forever” review

Chetta is a 31 year old rapper from New Orleans, Louisiana who came up in the spring of 2014 off his debut mixtape Nino White. This was followed up with 18 EPs as well as 11 more tapes & a full-length debut but now after signing to G*59 Record$ last spring, he’s returning in the form of a sophomore album that he himself has claimed to have waited a long time to give the world.

“Blair Witch” is a grim trap opener produced by none other than $crim with Chetta talking about how it pays to be a boss whereas “Heaven Ain’t Free” sinisterly admits that he’s just doing him. The $uicideboy$ tag along for the hyphy-laced “Poydras” talking about re-upping on these hoes just before “All Thug No Love” solemnly detailing how bad the ecstasy got him geekin’.

Meanwhile on “Dracula”, we have Chetta over a cloudy trap instrumental declaring himself as a real rockstar leading into the ghoulish “Hiroshima!” talking about how he hates himself too. “Take You Out This World” shoots for a wavier approach to the beat getting in his murder bag, but then $crim comes into the picture for “Murder He Wrote” to talk about hittin’ the road when it’s frozen & going ghost.

“Save Me the Rain” however fuses a guitar & some hi-hats telling a hoe he don’t need her anymore while “(Killers Cry Too)” is an impressive spiritual successor to “Thug Cry” off his last EP Major Pain. The song “Spend My Whole Life Getting High” returns to a cloudier sound talking about putting his money on him while the penultimate track “Drugs in Her Gut” telling a bitch he can’t stop now over a surprisingly elated instrumental. “When Life Hands You Nothing” ends the album by disturbingly confessing he feels like he’s drowning & sinking.

Now for those of you who’re new to Chetta & his music, then I’d say Been Here Forever is a good place to start because it happens to be my favorite that he’s ever done so far. He takes the listener through where he’s at now in his life & $crim also happens to do a really great job behind the boards as well.

Score: 4/5

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